Vote for Me!! Best Australian Blogs 2014 People’s Choice

Best Australian Blogs 2014

I’ve entered the Australian Writers’ Centre’s best Australian blog 2014!  I figure the best way to get better at this, is to put myself out there.  They have a people’s choice round where you, the readers, get to vote.  Now, no pressure, but maybe you could click on through to the survey and vote for Tully & Mishka.  Joking, there is total pressure on you to do this!!  Ha ha!! There are HEAPS of awesome blogs on there.  And really, I’m just starting to get into some kind of blogging groove here, so I don’t expect to be winning anything.  But just entering or being nominated for these kind of things is, for me, a really great way to challenge myself.  It gets me excited about my potential to do this blogging thing on a regular and improved basis.  

So if you feel like you could vote for me, click through and I’m on about the fifth page.  While you are there, vote for as many other blogs that your think are great.  There is no limit to how many you vote for, but you can only submit once.  

Thanks so much!!  

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