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So you’ve all seen them by now, haven’t you?  The Thermomix?  They seem to be all over the interwebs at the moment.  Man, I wanted one!  A super duper machine for the kitchen that cooks, blends, chops, mills, grinds etc etc etc.  Super fast cooking, transformative cooking!  All that jazz.  One problem – the just under $2,000 price tag.  Yup, you read that right.  So I read loads of information.  Blogs, forums, all kinds of sites.  I discovered lots of love for the TM and several cheaper alternatives.  Many that did not get good reviews.  So I arranged a demonstration – to purchase a TM in Australia, you have to host/attend a demonstration.  No probs, they cook about six dishes over the couple of hours to show the cool things it can do.  Now I was a bit hesitant to arrange one, because I knew there was no way I was going to be able to purchase any time soon, but they were lovely people who seem to completely understand that its a big purchase and not many people attend a demo and buy straight away.

Thermochef Thermomix
Thermochef vs Thermomix

So the demonstration did not make me want one less!  And The Mister was impressed, however he just could not see how the TM was so much more expensive than the nearest rival, the ThermoChef that is around $700-800 retail.   Both have a two year warranty.  I was convinced though, and kept calculating and re-calculating how long it would take to save the money.  I even considered becoming a consultant!  TM offers an opportunity for people to earn their machine through becoming a consultant and selling a certain amount of machines in a time period.  I’m really not the party plan type!  I get far to anxious/embarrassed.  However in the end I decided against it mainly because I thought I would really need to have used the machine for a while before I would feel comfortable trying to sell it.

The machine appeals to me because it makes things easier.  And quicker.  And I am slowly attempting to introduce our little family to a healthier diet, richer in whole foods, less preservatives and less sugar.

So I did some more research – there are A LOT of blogs and websites out there dedicated to the TM – and some have really good comparisons between the different thermo machines out there.  In the end, I decided to purchase the somewhat cheaper ThermoChef.  I found a good deal and purchased just before Christmas last year.  I was very excited.  It arrived promptly, especially considering it was Christmas time.  However, irritation was to follow!  It didn’t work.  Straight out of the box, it didn’t work.  Newwave, the company that distributes the TC, provided excellent customer service.  They responded promptly – on Boxing Day and arranged for a courier to collect it once the factory had returned to work after the break.  Despite the excellent customer service, what followed was approximately five weeks of frustration, irritation and concern that I had made the wrong choice.  A lot of this was, to be fair to Newwave, caused by the courier companies – they didn’t turn up, twice, then they came a week after being cancelled and then they lost my item when it was being returned!  Also Newwave sent my repaired unit to someone else in the midst of all this.  After I made it clear I was over the whole situation and ready to request a refund, Newwave arranged for my brand new unit, plus extra cook books to be hand delivered by one of their team.  Phew!

ThermoChef, Thermomix

Since it has been here, it has been great.  No concerns, and I’ve used it on average three times a day nearly every day.  I think in the short time we’ve had it, our meals have become less boring (I’m cooking outside the square!) and less stressful.  Well, dinner preparation with two toddlers under three is always going to have some stress!!!!!

Thermochef, Thermomix
Vegetable Stock Concentrate. Quick and easy in the Thermochef.

I would love to hear your ThermoLovin’ stories!  Anyone purchased a ThermoChef?  A Thermomix?  What’s the biggest change your ‘thermo’ has made in your kitchen?

Thermochef cashew coconut chia porridge. Thermomix suitable.
Cashew, coconut and chia porridge, whipped up easily. Yum!



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