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    DIY Reading Corner for Ms 2.

    DIY library book shelves So we all love Pinterest, right?  Well, here is a little DIY project we recently completed, inspired by Pinterest.  And when I say we completed, I mean I had the idea, I pinned some inspiration and sourced the products and the Mister actually did the DIY part.  With the help of Ms 2.

    I’ve been wanting to set up a reading corner for her for some time.  With her resisting the big bed though, her room has been rather crowded with the cot in there as well.  However, we’ve had a win in that department and the cot is gone – hurrah!  So now we had space to do a bit more.  When she was born, we were gifted with a beautiful vintage, child size armchair.  It was given to us by my mother’s cousin, and it was her chair when she was a small child.  It is gorgeous and perfect for a reading nook.  So I knew I wanted that in the corner and then saw some super simple book shelf ideas on Pinterest.  Ikea spice racks.  Awesome.  Simple.  And cheap!  $2.99 each, and are solid untreated wood.  So you can go ahead and paint/stain them any colour you want!

    DIY toddler reading corner

    We used a good old spray paint – a lovely bright yellow.  The Mister applied two coats and attached them to the wall.  Apparently, we need to use some different wall mounts, in case too much weight is placed on them (ie our 8 month old pulling the) so we are going to change those asap, but otherwise, it turned out just as I had wanted!


    DIY Library book shelves toddler vintage chair


    The first night, Ms 2 spent quite some time rearranging the books on the shelves and also decided that it meant we were going to read ALL of the books on the shelves at bedtime.  Ahhh, no.

    I have also spied her sitting on the chair and reading a book to her dolly – melt!  So there you go, a simple, quick and cheap little DIY project that actually worked.  Love Pinterest!  Are you on Pinterest?  Have you completed any projects or recipes that you have pinned?  Or do you just love to pin and dream?!  Leave your pinterest profile in the comments, and I’ll follow you!

  • Sewing

    Kids Clothes Week

    Kids Clothes Week  If you read sewing blogs, or follow sewing boards on Pinterest, you would be well aware that this past week was Kids Clothes Week.   A fantastic challenge to get you sewing for an hour a day for seven days straight.  You don’t have to be a blogger to join in, but you could add photos throughout the week to the flickr group or tag photos on Instagram with #kidsclothesweek.

    As soon as I read about it I thought, ‘I’m in!’  Now, with an almost two year old Little Miss and a nearly four month old Little Mister, an hour a day was not always possible.  But instead of not participating, I used it as an opportunity to get back to the sewing machine whenever I could, and to get something made!  I settled on making some cosy PJ pants for the Little Miss, using a tutorial from Dana at MADE. 

    Super comfy

    This tutorial was great – easy to follow and produced some super cute pants!  I’ve tried making pants before and did not have a lot of success.  I think the pattern was just not written in a way I got.  But this was great – I will be making more!  I’m so glad I joined the challenge even though I couldn’t do an hour every day.  It has fired me up and I can’t wait to get more sewing done.  And I feel quite pleased with myself, just quietly – the Little Miss really loves her pants!