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    Still here

    Well hello there!  *Sheepish wave*  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  It seems I have taken an unintended, rather extended break from the old blog.  Like I said, certainly wasn’t a planned event.  However, I am still here and feeling like I just can’t let the blog go.  I thought about it, but it just didn’t sit right, so I thought I would just start writing again when it felt good.  

    It’s been a busy first half of the year for us – Ms 5 is in kinder and Mr 3 is in three year old kinder.   They attend a small kinder, which is lovely, but also means that the sessions do not run concurrently.  So a couple of days a week I am up and back, up and back, up and back!  Some days we have a little half hour break in between their sessions, which the kids love, because they get to run around the kinder yard with their friends a bit longer.  

    With Ms 5 in kinder, it’s meant we have had to choose a primary school!  Oh, all the feels!  It’s not like we were making a choice between private and public, but we did have a couple of options in our area.  We’ve gone with the closest one, right near her kinder, which has thrilled Ms 5 no end of course, because that is where nearly everyone else from kinder is going.  It’s such a mix of emotions, isn’t it, choosing a school for the first time.  She is not ‘small’ anymore, not a baby, not a toddler, nearly not a preschooler anymore.  Oh!  How did that happen so fast.  She is hurtling toward being a big girl, she is sooooooo desperate to be a big girl!  And I am just trying to hold on as she speeds by, desperate to have her not grow up too quick, to stay with me just a little longer.  Then she told me this morning, after discussing how grown ups live with friends or by themselves, that she won’t because “mummy I will stay with you and dad.  Because I don’t want to leave you.”  Heart. Melts.  

    Parenting Is So Worth It

    So, I am still here.  I plan on writing a lot more, in between kinder runs and school planning and dealing with the fact that my first born little daughter is rapidly growing up!!  

    Tell me – what have you been doing this first half of the year?  Anyone else approaching school for their kids for the first time?  Tell me how you’re going with it!!

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    A New Year

    Welcome to my first post for 2015!  How was your festive season?  I hope it was lovely, and filled with relaxation and joy.  We had a lovely time – The Mister had three whole weeks off, and we managed to celebrate Christmas, my birthday,the New Year and the Mr 2’s birthday along with a little trip away and some laundry DIY – phew!  More on those in a few later posts. 

    For 2015, I’m taking some active steps for inspiration and organisation – both for here on the blog, and in ‘real’ life.  Here at Tully & Mishka, I’m going to be using the beautiful and super useful Blogger’s Bazaar 2015 Blog Planner.  Have you seen it?  So much organisation!  Hopefully, it will help me with some more regular blogging, and moving Tully & Mishka in the direction I would like it to (I have lots of plans in my head!!!).  Also, this weekend, I’m going to the Kid’s Business Bloggers BBQ.  Anyone else going – would love to catch up!  


    In the ‘real’ life department, Ms 3 starts kinder this year!  It’s three year old kinder – her birthday is in May, so she will be one of the older kids.  She is soooooooo ready for kinder!  And so am I, just quietly ūüôā  I plan to blog a bit about this coming transition.  So 2015 brings busy times.  So organisation is really an over-arching goal for me this year.  Life is about to become very busy!

    Tell me, any big plans for you this year?  Does anyone have their first, or last, starting kinder?  

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    Vote for Me!! Best Australian Blogs 2014 People’s Choice

    Best Australian Blogs 2014

    I’ve entered the Australian Writers’ Centre’s best Australian blog 2014!  I figure the best way to get better at this, is to put myself out there.  They have a people’s choice round where you, the readers, get to vote.  Now, no pressure, but maybe you could click on through to the survey and vote for Tully & Mishka.  Joking, there is total pressure on you to do this!!  Ha ha!! There are HEAPS of awesome blogs on there.  And really, I’m just starting to get into some kind of blogging groove here, so I don’t expect to be winning anything.  But just entering or being nominated for these kind of things is, for me, a really great way to challenge myself.  It gets me excited about my potential to do this blogging thing on a regular and improved basis.  

    So if you feel like you could vote for me, click through and I’m on about the fifth page.  While you are there, vote for as many other blogs that your think are great.  There is no limit to how many you vote for, but you can only submit once.  

    Thanks so much!!  

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    Kidspot VOICES of 2014



    Wow. ¬†So someone out there nominated my tiny little blog for the Kidspot #Voicesof2014. ¬†I still cannot believe it! ¬†Thank you to whoever did – it means someone likes what I’ve written so far and has really made me more determined to get the blog to where I envision it. ¬†As a source of support, inspiration, laughter and even info for anyone out there adjusting to life with kids. ¬†I don’t expect to go further – there are soooooo many amazing blogs out there, but to even be nominated is fantastic. ¬†Way to make my week!! xxxx

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    To Name or not to Name?

    Kids safety on the internet.  Something I have been thinking about, pretty much since I started the blog, is whether or not to post photos of the kids, and to use their names. ¬†So far I have chosen not to. ¬†On my personal FB and Instagram pages I do, but here on the blog I have generally used photos that don’t show their faces, and referred to them as the Little Miss and the Little Mister. ¬†But is this thinking sensible caution or just a touch paranoid? ¬†Most of my favourite bloggers identify their kids either with their names or photos or both. ¬†And these are successful bloggers, with loads of people clearly knowing who they are.

    I come from a professional background that no doubt contributes to my caution (ten plus years in child protection and working with vulnerable/at risk families). ¬†I’ve done a bit of reading around the web, and of course, found conflicting ideas on the subject. ¬†Some people feel that the children should be old enough to agree/disagree with their photos being posted. ¬†Some feel that there is a risk of predators accessing and misusing the images. ¬†Some have even suggested that in the future, other kids could use the images in cyber-bullying – particularly if they are embarrassing photos. ¬†I found this article and this one to be interesting reads on the topic.

    I have to say I’m still undecided. ¬†It’s cumbersome, referring to the kids as the Little Miss and the Little Mister. ¬†And sometimes, I really want to share photos with you! ¬†Like here. ¬†Perhaps I’ll share the occasional photo and think on how to refer to them without too much identifying information.

    What do you do? What do you think? ¬†I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

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    Baby Blogger

    baby bloggerI’m writing this post with a four month old sitting on my lap. ¬†Literally. ¬†It’s a slow process. ¬†I had been working on a different post about cloth nappies, but between the Little Mister deciding that sleep is not cool, and the two year old Little Miss deciding the same, focusing on that was a little hard. ¬†All I could think about was the question ‘how do I find time to (insert any activity here!!) with two little ones?’ ¬†I’m sure it’s a question all parents are inevitably smacked over the head with.

    I have no answers at this point! ¬†But I am making an effort to be organised, and to try and work out how to set some time aside for me. ¬†It’s not easy – there is always ‘something’ that needs to be done. ¬†And a baby to be cuddled. ¬†The baby cuddling must always come first though.

    So here is a question for you – how do you find time for you, for the things you want (or need!) to get done with little ones around? ¬†I’d love any tips or ideas!!