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    Kidspot VOICES of 2014



    Wow.  So someone out there nominated my tiny little blog for the Kidspot #Voicesof2014.  I still cannot believe it!  Thank you to whoever did – it means someone likes what I’ve written so far and has really made me more determined to get the blog to where I envision it.  As a source of support, inspiration, laughter and even info for anyone out there adjusting to life with kids.  I don’t expect to go further – there are soooooo many amazing blogs out there, but to even be nominated is fantastic.  Way to make my week!! xxxx

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    To Name or not to Name?

    Kids safety on the internet.  Something I have been thinking about, pretty much since I started the blog, is whether or not to post photos of the kids, and to use their names.  So far I have chosen not to.  On my personal FB and Instagram pages I do, but here on the blog I have generally used photos that don’t show their faces, and referred to them as the Little Miss and the Little Mister.  But is this thinking sensible caution or just a touch paranoid?  Most of my favourite bloggers identify their kids either with their names or photos or both.  And these are successful bloggers, with loads of people clearly knowing who they are.

    I come from a professional background that no doubt contributes to my caution (ten plus years in child protection and working with vulnerable/at risk families).  I’ve done a bit of reading around the web, and of course, found conflicting ideas on the subject.  Some people feel that the children should be old enough to agree/disagree with their photos being posted.  Some feel that there is a risk of predators accessing and misusing the images.  Some have even suggested that in the future, other kids could use the images in cyber-bullying – particularly if they are embarrassing photos.  I found this article and this one to be interesting reads on the topic.

    I have to say I’m still undecided.  It’s cumbersome, referring to the kids as the Little Miss and the Little Mister.  And sometimes, I really want to share photos with you!  Like here.  Perhaps I’ll share the occasional photo and think on how to refer to them without too much identifying information.

    What do you do? What do you think?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

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    Always Learning!

    So posting twice a week seems to have been optimistic! I have been doing lots of blog reading, trying to get some tips and one of the most pertinent at this time (to me) was to not be too strict on the number of posts to make. Quality over quantity I guess!

    So I will qualify the goals of my previous post and say I will aim to post as often as possible, rather than a set amount per week. I want to improve myself and have fun, not feel anxious that I am failing at something!!

    I have been plotting and planning some posts, including some relating to the nursery we put together and about tackling my very disorganised kitchen and sewing room.

    How about you out there? Anyone else had to review their goals or plans in order to make them a bit more feasible?

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    What a year.

    Right – what an amazing year it’s been for us.  But clearly, blogging has not been high on the priority list!  I intend for that change from now on!

    Brief run down of the year and my broad plan for this blog:

    We moved to the beautiful, green outer eastern suburbs and are loving it – I intend to share pictures and posts of how we are slowly changing our new house to become our new home.

    I gave birth to our amazing, beautiful and gorgeous little girl.  Awe inspiring.  Hard.  Scary. Wonderful.  I plan to blog about many parenting inspired things – birthing, changes to relationships, to self, the fun, the hard, the good, the unexpected.

    Frugal or budget smart living – I’m not great at this, but I plan to throw myself in to it this year – the overall goal for us being that I don’t go back to work for as long as we can manage!  This has already begun with us having a detailed budget, growing and preserving food, looking at making our own foods like yoghurt and breads and considering getting some chooks!  We are keen to live as sustainably and ethically as possible, but know this will entail changing how we currently live.  We’ll see how it goes…….

    I am also learning to sew – inspired by my mother, a close friend and many blogs I am really quite keen on developing this skill.  I would love to eventually earn some money from sewing but we’ll see.

    My other goal is to develop my blogging skills – to both challenge myself and for the sake of anyone who stumbles across this blog!!!

    I am going to aim for two posts a week as a minimum.  Let’s see how it goes!!