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Sustainable or crazy? Why we use cloth nappies.

Modern Cloth Nappies
Modern Cloth Nappies

This is the first post in a planned series on cloth nappies.  We decided early on that we would use cloth nappies as much as possible.  For both the long term cost factor and the environmental factors.  What we didn’t know was just how many options there are now!  Modern Cloth Nappies or MCNs as they are referred to come in different sizes, shapes, materials and prices.  And there are so many retailers and manufacturers.  Many are work at home mums or mums that have turned their nappy obsession into successful businesses.  It’s quite amazing really.

I read reviews and trawled through site after site.  I didn’t know anyone who had used MCNs and so didn’t have any ‘real life’ feedback available.  In the end, we took a punt on the Baby Beehinds hemp one size fits all model.  Mainly because they were having an awesome run out sale!  So they were a good price.  These nappies are supposed to fit from birth to toilet training and they need covers.  We have also used itti bitti.  So far they have worked pretty well and I’m amazed to say that we use them full time and only use disposables when we have gone away for more than one night, or when something has happened like me hurting my back and not being able to move!  Getting nappies in and out of the washing machine when you can’t move ain’t easy…

Modern Cloth Nappies

Recently, we went through a period where we used more disposables – my toddler had gastro and we had a newborn who didn’t quite fit into the nappies straight away.  This period reinforced for us the decision to use cloth nappies.  I truly hate throwing bags of used nappies into the bin!  And spending that money on a packet of nappies!  Urgh.  It can be tricky with two in nappies and living in Melbourne to get them dry in time, but really, I just need to work on being more organised with the washing!!

How about you?  I would love to hear from others who have used MCNs or who are planning on it.  If you do use them, what was the main factor behind your decision?


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