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Super Kitsch – Jubly Umph

*This is a sponsored post.*

Do you love 1950’s and 1960’s kitsch?  Do you love supporting local designers and crafters?  If you do, the new Super Kitsch collection from Jubly Umph is just for you!  

I have coveted pieces from Jubly Umph for a long time.  And then I saw her post on FB, wondering if any bloggers would be interested in reviewing her new line.  Uh, I’m a blogger and I would be tres interested!  So I emailed, fully expecting a polite, “we’ve met our reviewer quota”, you know, with bloggers who are actually cool and stuff.  To my super excitement, Tasha from Jubly Umph got back to me really quick, and sent some stuff asap.  Woo!

Jubly Umph Super Kitsch

Don’t you love the packaging?  I’m a sucker for cool packaging.  And when I opened it up – oh la la! Three awesome pieces, that I love!  The Tape Measure Bow Brooch is just fabulous – I love the size of it and anything sewing always gets under my skin!  

Tape Measure Bow Brooch Jubly-Umph Rockabilly

The Flamboyant Flamingo Pendant is just that – flamingo, cocktail umbrellas and pineapples.  What more could you want in a kitsch piece?  I have found myself wearing this piece all the time, and getting lots of comments on it.  

flamboyant flamingo Jubly_Umph  Flamboyant Flamingo Pendant Jubly-Umph    

The final is a super cute pair of Red Bow earring studs.  I don’t have a photo of these on yet, but check out the Jubly-Umph page for photos and details.  

I really love these pieces, and I have purchased products from Jubly-Umph for my sister before.  I will definitely buy again – the quality and the pricing is fabulous.  Go check them out!

* I received these pieces from Jubly-Umph in order to review them.  The opinions written here are mine and mine alone.  If I didn’t like the pieces, I wouldn’t have written about them. *

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