Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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I thought I’d pop back onto your screens with a few (last minutes) ideas for Mother’s Day this year. Given that schools are not running as normal, the good old stall will not be happening. Kids are not going to be bringing home the lovely hand made crafts and cards and little gifts that they normally would. And popping to the shop for a last minute gift is also mostly out of the question – unless the supermarket stocks what you have in mind! So here is a round up of some ideas and links to some lovely online stores that conveniently have email gift vouchers available, so you don’t even have to worry about the post arriving on time!

Biome Eco Stores.

I love Biome – they have an amazing range of zero waste and toxin free products all selected with a strong ethical structure. They post waste free and offer gift vouchers via email. Check out this lovely selection for some ideas.  


Stitch Fabric and Design

Etsy is perfect for shopping small and local.  You can drill down to the local area you wish to purchase from or select world wide, and find an amazing array of hand made or vintage beauties.  And you will usually be supporting small business, often run from the person’s own home.  

Harte Style.

A Harte voucher would be a fabulous gift to receive for Mother’s Day!  Or any other day! A local Melbourne based business, that stocks gorgeous pieces sourced with mums in mind.  Well priced, stylish and comfortable I love this shop! 

Hello Charlie.

Another lovely shop, started by a mum to meet the needs of her family, Hello Charlie stocks some gorgeous, eco friendly products that are great for mums, homes and kids.  And of course, the gift voucher via email is just perfect for this week!!  

You could also think about purchasing local – does the lovely woman you are buying for have a favourite cafe, or food store? Another shop she loves? Buying a voucher not only is a win for her, but for the small businesses that are finding it tough at the moment. Even more so in the fire affected areas of Australia. Think small and local and you can’t go wrong. And even small and online. Doesn’t even have to be local to you, in this age!  Print off an email voucher, put it with a homemade card and voila! A lovely gift. 

I hope these ideas have helped! Do you have an online or bricks and mortar business offering gift vouchers? Let me know in the comments, or via email, so we can share your details!

5 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mother's Day
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