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Jump right in...
Jump right in…

I’ve been working on the blog slowly over the past few months – new hosting, new design, fresh new Tully & Mishka.  And I’ve realised I’ve been delaying launching.  I’ve had many ‘reasons’ to delay  – some have been good, like having my second baby at the start of January (a little boy, who is just divine).  But most have actually been completely bogus – the laptop is not working well, the office is out of control, I’m tired, etc.  The real reason is fear. Obviously.  Fear of failing.  The fear that no one will read my little blog.  That I’m not ‘good enough’ or interesting enough.  And then I saw this quote over at The Organised Housewife:

“Start before you’re ready” Marie Forleo.

Clearly meant just for me.  And so here I go.  The blog is not yet ‘perfect’ – I want to change some colours and layout but if I don’t start now, I fear I won’t start at all.  I have so many ideas for the blog, and I feel really excited when I think about them.  So I know it is important that I do this.  Given this you can expect to see some changes and watch the blog evolve a little as we go, and I figure that is fine, given I want to write about the ways in which I change and evolve now that I am a mother.  Fitting really.

So I hope you’ll come along for the ride and find something to interest you, make you laugh or even help you out.  Off we go!

photo by: gwilmore
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