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    Kids Clothes Week

    Kids Clothes Week  If you read sewing blogs, or follow sewing boards on Pinterest, you would be well aware that this past week was Kids Clothes Week.   A fantastic challenge to get you sewing for an hour a day for seven days straight.  You don’t have to be a blogger to join in, but you could add photos throughout the week to the flickr group or tag photos on Instagram with #kidsclothesweek.

    As soon as I read about it I thought, ‘I’m in!’  Now, with an almost two year old Little Miss and a nearly four month old Little Mister, an hour a day was not always possible.  But instead of not participating, I used it as an opportunity to get back to the sewing machine whenever I could, and to get something made!  I settled on making some cosy PJ pants for the Little Miss, using a tutorial from Dana at MADE. 

    Super comfy

    This tutorial was great – easy to follow and produced some super cute pants!  I’ve tried making pants before and did not have a lot of success.  I think the pattern was just not written in a way I got.  But this was great – I will be making more!  I’m so glad I joined the challenge even though I couldn’t do an hour every day.  It has fired me up and I can’t wait to get more sewing done.  And I feel quite pleased with myself, just quietly – the Little Miss really loves her pants!

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    A Project For A Friend

    Recently, one of my closest friends had a baby, a little brother for his two older sisters.  To welcome him to the world I decided to make something for him, and chose a blanket.  Now, this was inspired by another friend, over at Letters To Audrey.  She is fabulous at making these blankets and very generously helped me get started.

    Now, unfortunately I did not take great photos as I went.  But I chose a deep navy for one side and a bright green for the other.  And for his name, lovely blue polka dots with orange thread.  It’s a simple design, but does require patience – tying the knots just so, and hand stitching the thread around the letters.  I confirmed what I had suspected – I am not a hand sewing person!!!  And of course, it wasn’t a short name!

    Finally finishing it in time to take to the hospital, I packaged it up in blue tissue paper and a big white box.

    It was really lovely to give a handmade gift to such a good friend and her new little boy!

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    Back to Class

    Tomorrow, I’m starting this:

    Woo!  That’s right, a beginners dressmaking class.  I’m very excited – it’s been a while since I’ve done something so formal as to go to a class relating to something I’m interested in!  We start with a skirt, and I’m going with a friend who has already done one term.  It’s at Spotlight, and in the evening.  I’m really looking forward to learning to read a pattern properly and to then make adjustments.  Any sewing I’ve done so far has been mainly self taught through reading tutorials I’ve found in the blogosphere!

    I shall keep you in the loop as to how the skirt comes along!