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    What a year.

    Right – what an amazing year it’s been for us.  But clearly, blogging has not been high on the priority list!  I intend for that change from now on!

    Brief run down of the year and my broad plan for this blog:

    We moved to the beautiful, green outer eastern suburbs and are loving it – I intend to share pictures and posts of how we are slowly changing our new house to become our new home.

    I gave birth to our amazing, beautiful and gorgeous little girl.  Awe inspiring.  Hard.  Scary. Wonderful.  I plan to blog about many parenting inspired things – birthing, changes to relationships, to self, the fun, the hard, the good, the unexpected.

    Frugal or budget smart living – I’m not great at this, but I plan to throw myself in to it this year – the overall goal for us being that I don’t go back to work for as long as we can manage!  This has already begun with us having a detailed budget, growing and preserving food, looking at making our own foods like yoghurt and breads and considering getting some chooks!  We are keen to live as sustainably and ethically as possible, but know this will entail changing how we currently live.  We’ll see how it goes…….

    I am also learning to sew – inspired by my mother, a close friend and many blogs I am really quite keen on developing this skill.  I would love to eventually earn some money from sewing but we’ll see.

    My other goal is to develop my blogging skills – to both challenge myself and for the sake of anyone who stumbles across this blog!!!

    I am going to aim for two posts a week as a minimum.  Let’s see how it goes!!

  • Blogging,  Family,  Parenting,  Sustainable Living

    Let me catch you up……

    This blog has been something I have been meaning to start for ohh, at least 12 months if not longer!  Hopeless, however I am going to kick it off with a quick recount of the events of the last 12 months. 

    Nearly 12 months ago, on February 13th actually, we got engaged:

    Hugely exciting, we’ve been together for a while.

    So of course, approximately six months ago, on the 17th July – we got married:

    We followed this immediately with a wonderful honeymoon to London, Malta and Broome.  Pure Bliss:
    Hyde Park Picnic




    Cable Beach, Broome WA

    We came home to the cold Melbourne winter with a little traveller on board:

    Yes, that’s definitely two lines people!  I am currently 23 weeks pregnant, much to our joy.  🙂 
    So what do you do when you have gotten engaged, married, honeymooned overseas and gotten pregnant all in six and half months?  That’s right, buy a new house!

    We are moving in three weeks, from our inner suburb little block to a bigger outer suburb block.  Which we are very much looking forward to and I cannot wait to start preparing the nursery!  (and enjoying the space we are going to gain!)

    So my intention from now, after catching you up, is to re-cap some of the planning details of the wedding prep – you know, planning invites and decorations, finding a venue etc, and to also share the planning for the nursery and the new house.  Which is going to require a complete re-vamp!!  I’m sure I will also throw in a whole lot of randoms along the way, we have big plans for our veggie garden, chickens and generally trying to be as eco as possible!
    From our current garden.

    So for now, I think that’s enough 🙂 


    (and hopefully I’ll get the hang of the formatting and layout of this blogging caper soon!!)