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    Life in the age of physical distancing.

    Well, hasn’t 2020 turned out to be fun? In light of the massive amounts of thoughts constantly racing around my head at the moment, I’ve found myself back on the blog again. Shocking, I know. With the corona virus pandemic playing havoc with the world, we here in Victoria, Australia have found ourselves practicing physical distancing. Well, some of us have. Some are a little slow on the uptake. But given we are now a family of five, finding ourselves all stuck at home for the foreseeable future, I have decided the blog will be a way to keep myself mentally healthy. Hopefully!

    I’ve had loads of ideas, and really want to try and reach out and support anyone who may need it, and get support in return! These are difficult, uncharted times, and we will all need some kind of support over the coming months. Whether that be new ideas for the kids, support for you as parents/adults or just some good old fashioned validation that you are doing alright, I hope to provide it here.

    I’ve also created a facebook group that you can join, where we can all share tips and support. I know there are loads of different facebook groups that have been created for all different reasons in this new corona age, however I would love to share support and ideas that we have either tried ourselves or plan to try. And even a space to share local or online businesses that are either new or struggling with the physical distancing measures in place now. I know there will be a lot of business that will have already or will be trying to make the move to an online platform, and would love to spotlight them if we can.

    Now keep in mind that I’m at home with two school age kids who “go back” to school via remote learning on Wednesday, an almost three year old and husband who is frantically working from home, so I am not sure at this point just how regular my posts will be. I’m hoping that once we get into the school term and work out our routine, it will be clearer then.

    In the mean time, please feel free to sign up to the email list, join the FB group or link up on instagram, and let me know how are you all going? I would love to know what your would find useful, are you working, not working? Are your kids home from school?

    Stay safe and stay home (if you can!).

    Photo by Kelly Lacy from Pexels

  • Airwick Home Fragrances Giveaway
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    Keeping it Fresh – Airwick Review & Giveaway!

    Airwick Home Fragrances Giveaway

    How’s your house smelling lately? It’s the end of winter, the kids have been cooped up for the last few months and you’ve got a dog, a cat and you use cloth nappies.  Oh, wait, is that just us?!  Thankfully, it’s spring now in Melbourne, and the sun is starting to hang around a bit more and the kids are able to get on outside.  And the nappies and the washing can actually go outside on the line – woo!!!  Because let me tell you, sometimes I come back to the house after being out somewhere and I think – does the house really smell like that?!  Now, I’ve got a pretty sensitive nose to scent, good and bad.  But man, sometimes I really hope noone drops in unannounced.  That pervasive smell of damp clothes drying over the heat vent (constantly!), a nappy bucket, that is emptied regularly but still, and litter tray sometimes just becomes a little too noticeable.  

    So when I was offered the chance to review and giveaway some new home fragrance products from Airwick,  my first thought was, how did she know and secondly, yes, dear lord yes!  And there is a giveaway for you my lovely readers!  Sweet.  

    Airwick Giveaway on Tully and Mishka

    The little package of goodies that I got to review and you will have a chance to win includes products from Airwick’s new Life Scents Collection – scented candle, plugins and room spray.  Now, we don’t often use plug in air fresheners, and at first I thought it was going to be too strong, and maybe irritate the Mister’s hay fever.  However, I’ve had it going in the laundry, on the low setting and it’s lovely.  And now, when I’ve been out of the house, when I return the smell is much nicer!  We’ve liked the Winter Moments scent, and I really like the Mystical Garden room spray.  It’s quite lovely.  Click through the link to read a little more about this new collection, and the different scents they have.  There’ll be one you like for sure!  

    Airwick Life Scents Giveaway


    So, to enter the giveaway, I want to hear from you!  Fill in the options below, and comment on this blog post:  What is your favourite scent and why? It could be anything – food, perfume, flowers etc.  Good luck with the giveaway, and please remember – sharing is caring!  Let your friends know too.  

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  • HomeHello Giveaway
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    HomeHello House Cleaning Giveaway!

    This giveaway is bought to you by HomeHello.  


    HomeHello Giveaway

    Right then people, it’s giveaway time!  In fact, it’s a HomeHello House Cleaning giveaway!  Now, I don’t know about you, but I often dream of the time when I might be able to pay for someone to clean the house.  Oh, to not have to clean the bathroom.  That would be so awesome!

    So when the good people at HomeHello contacted me to offer one of my readers a three hour house cleaning voucher, how could I say no?!  Have you heard of them?  They are Melbourne and Sydney metro based and have an awesome website where you can easily book and pay for their services.  The website lets you specify how many rooms you need done, extra cleaning required, and dates and times.  It also estimates how many hours you would require, depending on what you need done.  Too easy!  

    I know several friends who have started employing a house cleaner, and man, has it made things run smoother for them.  It helps them in terms of the house being clean, obvisously, but also takes away some of that stress the housework can cause.  You know, between you and your partner, the kids, the pets……  And gives them more time to do other stuff that needs doing.  

    So if you have been considering a cleaner, this could be your chance to try it out – three hours free!!  Like I said, they’re Melbourne and Sydney metro based, so unfortunately if you are outside that area, the prize can’t be used.  But refer some friends!  They might win and buy you a bottle of wine if they do!!*

    It’s easy – simply fill in the rafflecopter form below AND don’t forget to leave a blog post comment HERE.  On this page.  That is the only mandatory thing.  Comment telling us the messiest thing you’ve had to clean up in your house and The Mister will choose the one that he likes best (I will remove identifying info and then let him see the answers).

    *Please note, I have no control over your friends.  They may not buy you a bottle of wine for referring them to this giveaway.  

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  • Music Books and Hand Wash
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    Music, Books & Hand Wash – small things change

    This post was bought to you by Dettol.

    Before you have kids, you ‘know’ things will change.  Work, money, some household roles.  Your body.  And you also ‘know’ that you won’t let some things change (bahahaha!).  We’ll still do the things we love to do, baby will fit in with us…..  And to some extent that’s true.  Like, for perhaps the first few months.  Then baby is not a newborn anymore.  Baby becomes a small human intent on making you focus solely on them at all times – for food, for nappy changes, for entertainment, for laughing, for cuddling.  So you know, mostly, it’s all good and pretty much why lots of people have kids.  It’s when they’re slightly older – preschool/toddler – that you realise how the small things have changed.  There are loads of things that have changed for me because of kids and below are just three:

    Music Books and Hand Wash

    Music.  Now I’m not talking about seeing live music.  Clearly that’s changed.  The last live show I saw was Hi 5.  Lord.  But even listening to it has changed.  I do it less, for one, mainly because I listen more to the ABC during the day now.  Because I don’t get to watch the news etc on the tv anymore.  For one, it’s the kids bed and bath time when it’s on and two, I don’t want them seeing it.  I can have the radio on and turn it off quickly if I need.  And also, when we put music on now, it’s with a lot of thought.  Music from the 90’s features a lot and earlier, and we pick stuff that we think the kids will enjoy – that they can jump around and rock out to.  Because they actually love doing that which is awesome, especially for The Mister.  He’s been in bands for most of his adolescent and adult life, so it’s good to see them enjoy music. 

    Music Books and Hand Wash

    Books.  I used to read and read and read!!!  And I do read blogs and new sites a lot but I used to read books.  Stories.  Things that took me to other places and times and gave me different views on things.  Now, books are read and re-read but aren’t quite the same.  Jessie, Iron Man and the Wonkey Donkey have taken over from Elizabeth, Frodo and Jo.  Which is quite lovely in one way, but something I’ve recently tried to change.  I’m so pleased the kids have always been interested in books and stories, but I need to make sure I keep reading too.  Even if it’s re-reading the one’s I love and throwing in a new one every now and then.  I’ve been trying to go to bed a half hour earlier to get some book time in.

    Music Books and Hand Wash

    Hand Wash.  I never used to buy hand wash.  I would have soap in the bathroom and that would be it.  Why would I a spend more on liquid soap, I thought.  Ha!!  Since having kids, the amount of time I have spent washing my hands must of quadrupled.  And that’s being conservative!  Multiple nappy changes a day, washing out said nappies (we use cloth), cleaning up after the kids, and all the normal reasons to wash hands.  It’s now an essential and since using the Dettol No Touch system I’m thoroughly converted.  I think I need one for the laundry as well as the one I have in the kitchen.  The laundry is where we store and wash nappies, feed animals and change kitty litter.  One in the laundry would be pretty handy actually.  I sometimes make my own – I recently worked out how to make the foaming hand wash which is great, but I think the No Touch system is really god for the kitchen – think washing hands after cutting raw chicken and think about what the pump on the hand wash must be covered in.  Yeah.  Nice.  

    So tell me, what are the small things that have changed since you had kids?  Is it something that surprised you or were you fully prepared for the change?


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  • Thermochef cooking | Thermomix
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    Thermochef Cooking

    Last weekend, I got my Thermochef cooking up a storm.  It was lovely weather mostly, so The Mister was able to keep the littles outside whilst I tested out some recipes.  I’ve been wanting to get into cooking up some basics, so I delved into the thermochef and thermomix books I have to test some recipes.  

    First up, Quirky Cooking’s Macadamia Pesto.  I’ve made this one before, but it’s quick, easy and awesome.  It’s fantastic on a whole variety of things – pasta, zoodles, grilled fish, roast chicken even on vegetable crudites.  

    Quirky Cooking's Pesto | Thermochef | ThermomixI then cooked up some Vegetable Stock Paste, from the Thermochef Recipe Cards.  This is a staple, it’s always in the fridge.  Lasts for a while because of the salt and is fresh, nasty free and adds good depth to lots of dishes.  

    Thermochef Vegetable Stock Paste | Thermomix

    The biggest success I had, was the Thermochef Yoghurt.  I was REALLY pleased with the way it turned out.  Thick and creamy, and it was actually a nice mild flavour so the kids don’t mind it either.  I’ve been making my own yoghurt for a while, first with  the easiyo, and then using UHT milk and yoghurt starter in a thermos.  But while it was always ok, and was saving some money, it was never great.  And I had avoided making it in the thermochef because I thought it was too complicated.  I was wrong!

    Yoghurt in the thermochef | thermomix

     Yum.  There isn’t much left, so I’m going to have to get to it again this afternoon – I also have an order from my mum for a batch! 

    I cooked up a few other basics, including an EASY gnocchi, a tomato sugo and a tomato jam.  Things that Ms 3 actually ate.  Wonders will never cease.  I’ll write another post soon about those yummies.  

    I’m thinking of doing a bit of a thermochef series, what do you think?  Just me testing out the recipes and talking about what is useful to me.  Perhaps even some budget breakdowns of the basics, and how it can save money?  If that sounds good, let me know, either in a comment below, or over on the Facebook page.  


    Thick & Creamy Yoghurt
    Yields 1
    Write a review
    Prep Time
    10 min
    Cook Time
    45 min
    Total Time
    9 hr
    Prep Time
    10 min
    Cook Time
    45 min
    Total Time
    9 hr
    1. 800g full cream milk
    2. 3 tbsp natural yoghurt
    3. 50g milk powder
    1. Place milk and powdered milk into TC bowl and blend for 10 seconds, speed 7
    2. Cook for 30 minutes, temperature 90c, speed 1.
    3. Cool to 37c. This took at least an hour for me, as I left it in the TC bowl. Use a thermometer to test this. The recipe card says minimum 30 minutes, and that the temp can be tested by placing bowl back into housing and the temp will register. My TC does not do this.
    4. Add the yoghurt and blend gently for 4 seconds, speed 4.
    5. Cook for 10 minutes, temperature 37c, speed 1.
    6. While yoghurt is cooking, pour boiling water into the glass jar from a yoghurt maker, or into a thermos flask to sterilise and warm.
    7. Once yoghurt is cooked, pour immediately into the container and leave over night.
    1. Some handy tips - The yoghurt should get thicker and creamier the more you make it using your own starter.
    2. Add extra acidophilus powder if you like - available from health stores, I added a the powder from a capsule, as I had some in the fridge.
    3. I used organic products, but just use the best products you can afford.
    Tully & Mishka https://tullyandmishka.com.au/
     Recipe used with permission.

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    Washing your Modern Cloth Nappies

    washing your modern cloth nappies

    I’ve written before about why we chose to use modern cloth nappies with our babies.  I thought I would write a little about washing, drying and maintaining the nappies, for anyone out there interested in trying them with their bubs.

    We mainly use baby behinds hemp one size fits all, and itti bitti snap in styles.  There are a couple of other types floating in the mix, but these are the main types.  They are all washed in the same way.  We also use face washers/cloths instead of disposable wipes.

    Modern Cloth Nappies

    So after a nappy change, I rinse any solids (or not so solid when they were pre-solid food) straight into the toilet.  I have a very handy partner who loves to DIY and he attached a hose to the toilet that helps no end with this process!  Once the nappy is rinsed I place it straight into a bucket in the laundry, put the lid on and leave it.  I dry pail – which simply means I don’t soak the nappies, but I wash at least every second day.  If you leave it longer, the urine can wreck the elastic in the nappies, and the stink increases also.  Also, this past year I’ve had two in nappies, so it has often meant I’ve washed every day. 

    Once the bucket is full, I place them all in the washing machine and do a rinse cycle.  I put the nappies and the covers all in together, along with the cloths and nappy liners (if I’ve remembered to use them!).   Nappy liners are great – you can purchase eco disposable ones, but I prefer to use reusable ones.  Super easy to make – strips of fleece material, you know, that jumpers are made from.  The solids come off the liner a lot easier than the nappy. 

    Washing modern cloth nappies

    After the rinse, I usually choose the 30-40 degree setting and an intensive rinse.  Most of the manufacturers seem to recommend no higher than 60 degrees (Celsius) for the nappies, to look after the elastic.  There seem to be differing opinions about using cold or warm wash, and on using washing powder/liquid.  I use whatever washing liquid we have in the laundry, although sometimes I manage to score some Rockin’ Green, which is designed for use with modern cloth nappies, but is often really hard to get.  We always have eco/green washing liquid in the cupboard.  Less is definitely more when it comes to MCNs – too much detergent will build up in the nappies, and they become stinky and less absorbent, and you’ll have to do a strip wash. 

    The nappies do well when you can dry them in the sunlight – the UV helps whiten them and is good for getting rid of bacteria also.  However, if you need to use a dryer no problem.  I find our hemp nappies soften up really well after a tumble in the dryer.  Just don’t put the PUL covers in.  They dry so quickly anyway, just whack them on the clothes horse.  We didn’t have a dryer until our second one came along, and they were both in nappies.  Couldn’t keep up!

    I mentioned a strip wash above.  This is for when the nappies become a bit stinky and aren’t absorbing very well.  Wash them as normal and then put them through a couple of washes with no detergent.  Some people recommend using a small amount of dish washing liquid in the first wash.  I sometimes use the Canesten Laundry Rinse also, particularly if the kids haven’t been well. 

    We don’t use cloth 100% of the time – if the kids are sick, if I’m sick – we do use disposables. But we do our best to use cloth most of the time.  How about you?  Any tips on washing and drying your cloth nappies that aren’t mentioned here? 



  • Thermochef Thermomix
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    So you’ve all seen them by now, haven’t you?  The Thermomix?  They seem to be all over the interwebs at the moment.  Man, I wanted one!  A super duper machine for the kitchen that cooks, blends, chops, mills, grinds etc etc etc.  Super fast cooking, transformative cooking!  All that jazz.  One problem – the just under $2,000 price tag.  Yup, you read that right.  So I read loads of information.  Blogs, forums, all kinds of sites.  I discovered lots of love for the TM and several cheaper alternatives.  Many that did not get good reviews.  So I arranged a demonstration – to purchase a TM in Australia, you have to host/attend a demonstration.  No probs, they cook about six dishes over the couple of hours to show the cool things it can do.  Now I was a bit hesitant to arrange one, because I knew there was no way I was going to be able to purchase any time soon, but they were lovely people who seem to completely understand that its a big purchase and not many people attend a demo and buy straight away.

    Thermochef Thermomix
    Thermochef vs Thermomix

    So the demonstration did not make me want one less!  And The Mister was impressed, however he just could not see how the TM was so much more expensive than the nearest rival, the ThermoChef that is around $700-800 retail.   Both have a two year warranty.  I was convinced though, and kept calculating and re-calculating how long it would take to save the money.  I even considered becoming a consultant!  TM offers an opportunity for people to earn their machine through becoming a consultant and selling a certain amount of machines in a time period.  I’m really not the party plan type!  I get far to anxious/embarrassed.  However in the end I decided against it mainly because I thought I would really need to have used the machine for a while before I would feel comfortable trying to sell it.

    The machine appeals to me because it makes things easier.  And quicker.  And I am slowly attempting to introduce our little family to a healthier diet, richer in whole foods, less preservatives and less sugar.

    So I did some more research – there are A LOT of blogs and websites out there dedicated to the TM – and some have really good comparisons between the different thermo machines out there.  In the end, I decided to purchase the somewhat cheaper ThermoChef.  I found a good deal and purchased just before Christmas last year.  I was very excited.  It arrived promptly, especially considering it was Christmas time.  However, irritation was to follow!  It didn’t work.  Straight out of the box, it didn’t work.  Newwave, the company that distributes the TC, provided excellent customer service.  They responded promptly – on Boxing Day and arranged for a courier to collect it once the factory had returned to work after the break.  Despite the excellent customer service, what followed was approximately five weeks of frustration, irritation and concern that I had made the wrong choice.  A lot of this was, to be fair to Newwave, caused by the courier companies – they didn’t turn up, twice, then they came a week after being cancelled and then they lost my item when it was being returned!  Also Newwave sent my repaired unit to someone else in the midst of all this.  After I made it clear I was over the whole situation and ready to request a refund, Newwave arranged for my brand new unit, plus extra cook books to be hand delivered by one of their team.  Phew!

    ThermoChef, Thermomix

    Since it has been here, it has been great.  No concerns, and I’ve used it on average three times a day nearly every day.  I think in the short time we’ve had it, our meals have become less boring (I’m cooking outside the square!) and less stressful.  Well, dinner preparation with two toddlers under three is always going to have some stress!!!!!

    Thermochef, Thermomix
    Vegetable Stock Concentrate. Quick and easy in the Thermochef.

    I would love to hear your ThermoLovin’ stories!  Anyone purchased a ThermoChef?  A Thermomix?  What’s the biggest change your ‘thermo’ has made in your kitchen?

    Thermochef cashew coconut chia porridge. Thermomix suitable.
    Cashew, coconut and chia porridge, whipped up easily. Yum!