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baby bloggerI’m writing this post with a four month old sitting on my lap.  Literally.  It’s a slow process.  I had been working on a different post about cloth nappies, but between the Little Mister deciding that sleep is not cool, and the two year old Little Miss deciding the same, focusing on that was a little hard.  All I could think about was the question ‘how do I find time to (insert any activity here!!) with two little ones?’  I’m sure it’s a question all parents are inevitably smacked over the head with.

I have no answers at this point!  But I am making an effort to be organised, and to try and work out how to set some time aside for me.  It’s not easy – there is always ‘something’ that needs to be done.  And a baby to be cuddled.  The baby cuddling must always come first though.

So here is a question for you – how do you find time for you, for the things you want (or need!) to get done with little ones around?  I’d love any tips or ideas!!

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