A Project For A Friend

Recently, one of my closest friends had a baby, a little brother for his two older sisters.  To welcome him to the world I decided to make something for him, and chose a blanket.  Now, this was inspired by another friend, over at Letters To Audrey.  She is fabulous at making these blankets and very generously helped me get started.

Now, unfortunately I did not take great photos as I went.  But I chose a deep navy for one side and a bright green for the other.  And for his name, lovely blue polka dots with orange thread.  It’s a simple design, but does require patience – tying the knots just so, and hand stitching the thread around the letters.  I confirmed what I had suspected – I am not a hand sewing person!!!  And of course, it wasn’t a short name!

Finally finishing it in time to take to the hospital, I packaged it up in blue tissue paper and a big white box.

It was really lovely to give a handmade gift to such a good friend and her new little boy!

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