What’s your skin care regime?

What’s your skin care regime? Do you have one?  Is it comprehensive and regular or sporadic, like when you actually get to have a shower and the shampoo accidentally runs down your face?  Hmmm, since having my second bub, I must say it has been more toward the latter.  However recently, probably due to said second bub not having slept through a night for most of his 20 months, I’ve thought perhaps I could do with a bit more effort in the skin care department.  

Skin care regime

And I don’t mean all the “look 10 years younger”, “get rid of your wrinkles”, women shouldn’t age shit.  I just mean, man my skin is red and/or itchy sometimes and often dry when it never used to be.  I don’t want to look 10 years younger, but I wouldn’t mind looking my age, and not 10 years older 🙂

Rubifresh Ultra Rich Moisturiser

Then I came across an opportunity to trial and review the Ultra Rich Anti-aging Moisturiser from Rubifresh.  Mmmmmm, it’s lovely.  It smells like a spa moisturiser.  Yep, awesome.  And it feels just lovely – I use it at night, and I wake up with soft skin, that doesn’t feel red and itchy.  Nice.  It’s smooth and creamy and feels lovely.  Frankly, it’s a little bit of luxury in the crazy toddler world I inhabit at the moment 🙂

Rubifresh also do skincare workshops – in your home, the office or as a fundraising event.  Check out their page here.  They have lots of other products as well.  Another bonus, the Rubifresh products are 100% natural and organic, they use minimal packaging, as many recyclables as they can and are not tested on animals.  They’re also Australian made.  So it ticks a lot of boxes.  

So tell me – what’s your skin care regime?  Any tips for a mum who barely remembers what a straight run of good sleep feels like, and needs to care for their skin?!  Leave your comments on this post!!!

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  • I honestly have the worst regime in skincare and in general looking after myself after having the 2nd bub. What is it about 2nd children sucking the life out of you! I admit great moisturisers make a difference – particularly when breastfeeding to help (we all need a bit of help don’t we!) Rubifresh looks great – I haven’t heard of it but will certainly check it out!

  • This sounds lovely! I adore skincare and I am quite devoted to it. I do love ‘dry oils’ as moisturisers as they are so quick – perfect for busy mummies. Just a couple of drops, rub it in and of you go! (I use Nuxe – a French one. Check it out!)

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