The tale of a broken dishwasher: Finish Review & Giveaway

Our dishwasher is broken.  It’s not completely broken, but it’s on it’s way out.  It chugs away bravely, and noisily, doing it’s best to clean the plates and bowls and endless plastic cups that end up in it, but we both know it’s nearly over.  A Finish Powerball Review and Giveaway

When we moved in, the previous owner, an older woman, proudly pointed out that she really didn’t use the dishwasher.  This was either a lie or she was a crazy person because WHY?!  And it had clearly been used – things were well worn, in this old dishwasher.  I have never really had a house with a dishwasher until now.  I was so thrilled that there was one when we bought this house.  I know, small things.  Then it started to leak.  Not all the time at first, but then we ended up needing a tea towel at the base, all the time.  Eventually, this became intolerable and The Mister replaced the seal.  So easily fixed and it was fabulous!  No more leaking dishwasher.  

A Finish powerball review and giveaway

I had noticed that it wasn’t really cleaning that well, but then figured, if half the water was leaking out it probably wasn’t able to.  The new seal will have fixed it, I thought confidently.  And wrongly.  It’s had clean outs and filter cleans and The Mister has removed and cleaned out the arms.  Each time it was a little better, then no good really.  Apart from things on the top rack.  Apparently the arm under that rack appears to be ok.  It’s the bottom arm that is capput.  

Then the door hinge broke.  One day it obviously decided it had had enough.  So now, it’s also slightly dangerous, particularly if you are 4 or 2, like half the members of our household.  Because a dishwasher door with no working hinge is HEAVY.  It regularly bangs down, hard, when someone who doesn’t know or forgets, goes to open it. 

Finish Powerball Review & Giveaway

This fills me with dread.  Even half working it’s better than being elbow deep in the sink ALL FREAKING DAY!  I keep persisting, stacking as much onto the top shelf as I can and sparsely filling the bottom.  That sometimes helps.  You know what also helps?  Using good quality powder.  I’ve always thought it was all much the same.  WRONG.  I was offered the chance to sample a packet of finish powerball quantum max tablets.  Yeah, they clean sooooo much better than the cheaper stuff I was using.  Even with my broken and struggling dishwasher, everything was clean.  Even the glasses were actually clean and not cloudy.  I need to not be cheap.  Also, a new dishwasher wouldn’t hurt.  Sponsors anyone??!!!  

Do you reckon you’d like to win a packet of these little beauties?  Then get you to the widget and comment on this blog post telling me just what does your dishwasher mean to you?  Remember, it’s a game of skill, not chance and the most creative answer wins!  Australian Residents Only. 

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  • Tobes

    OMG i lurrrvv my dishwasher. Ahhh, memories. Looking at a sink full of dirty dishes, and instead of doing them, shoving them into the dishwasher and job is done. Sometimes I might even bother putting a tablet into it and actually washing them, but.. you know.. that’s effort. Normally we get to that actual washing stage when we are out of dishes, or I have an angry wife chasing me around the house in full kitchen-towel-whipping mode. Would love to win some tablets! ­čśë

    • Tobes, you’re the winner! Sounds like some tablets would help you out!

  • Joy

    My dishwasher is my BFF! She always helps me clean, she doesn’t mind me singing in the kitchen and hums along too and she’s alway there for me!

  • What does my dishwasher mean to me? Well, not to be captain obvious but no washing up. I am freaking terrible at it and I find it so so BORING. We have a crap dishwasher too and everytime it heaves I think I break out in a sweat with the thought of having to do the washing up. These finish tablets looks the goods! Love your review!

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