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    Thermochef Oats

    How do you go getting your toddlers to eat breakfast?  Is it an easy task or one of those  things that make you question how your children are ever going to get substantial nutrients into them?  It’s quite often the latter here.  In fact, Mr 2 spent a good ten months screaming at me no matter what I put in front of him.  However, we have discovered a winner.  Something that is rarely refused by the little man (knock on wood).  

    Oats in the Thermochef

    Oats.  Good old-fashioned oats.  He will usually try to eat two bowls of this.  Which is fine, because of course, Ms 3 rarely finishes hers.  Sigh.  Anyway, a little while ago I wrote about using my Thermochef and some of the recipes I had used.  There was a bit of interest in some more posts about cooking with the Thermochef, so I thought I would start a little series of them.  And why not start with the basics.  

    Oats in the thermochef

     Mr 2 loves my Thermochef Oats with a bit of maple syrup on top, as does Ms 3.  I always add a good knob of butter, and use full cream milk.  If I was cooking for me (I’m avoiding grains) I’d add cinnamon as well.  And use the rolled oats, not the quick oats.  When I cook oats this way, they always turn out thick and creamy, and are usually all eaten up.  

    What do you successfully feed your toddler for breakfast?  Share your tips, please!!  

    Thermochef Oats
    Serves 2
    Easy, filling oats in the Thermochef
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    Cook Time
    8 min
    Total Time
    10 min
    Cook Time
    8 min
    Total Time
    10 min
    1. 1 cup rolled oats
    2. 1 cup full cream milk
    3. 1 cup water
    4. A good knob of butter
    1. Place all ingredients in the bowl
    2. Cook for 8 minutes, 90 degrees, speed 1.
    3. Serve with toppings of your choice. We find maple syrup popular at the moment.
    1. Once finished, I blend for roughly 10 seconds, speed 1 with a little cold milk.
    2. Serve immediately or it thickens and is harder to get out of the bowl.
    Tully & Mishka http://tullyandmishka.com.au/
  • Cocobella Kids Coconut Water
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    Cocobella Kids! – A Review

    *This is a sponsored post.  I received product for myself and for the kindergarten my little one attends for use in fundraising.  All opinions are my own.*

    Cocobella Kids Coconut Water Do your kids love juice?  Mine do, and I am reticent to let them have too much.  So much sugar!  But I wouldn’t mind if they wanted to drink coconut water.  I drink coconut water, and find it refreshing when I want something other than plain water.  It’s not sweet, and love it after some exercise.  Mr 2 doesn’t mind plain coconut water, but Ms 3.5 – no way.  Scrunches her nose up, and I receive a resounding ‘yuck!’ whenever I try to get her to taste it!

    So when I was presented with an opportunity to test the Cocobella Kids Coconut Water on my little ones at the recent Kids Business Bloggers BBQ, I gave it a go.  And was pleasantly surprised!  Ms 3.5 loved it – especially the Apple Berry Breeze flavour.  And Mr 2, well of course he drank it down as quick as a flash.   

    Cocobella Kids Coconut WaterSo I was very happy to do a review of the coconut water, as were the kids – there was much excitement when the box arrived!  And it was perfect timing – with kinder starting, these little packs are the perfect size for lunch boxes.  Now, let me tell you some of the nitty gritty.  Cocobella Kids is a lunch-box-friendly and healthy coconut water drink for kids made from 70% coconut water, 30% fruit juice and nothing else.  No added sugar, no added colours or flavours and no additives or preservatives.  This is why I am happy for the kids to have this drink.  The majority of it being coconut water, massively reduces the amount of sugar they are taking in when they drink it, compared to average fruit juice drinks (see table below for some comparisons).  I really love the size of these packs – they fit in the lunch boxes, they’re easy to hold for my toddler and they can even slip into a bag easily.  They freeze, so are great for keeping snacks cool and fresh as well.  I’ve been a fan of coconut water for a while now – it’s naturally rich in minerals, particularly potassium, so I have no issues with giving it to the kids.

    Cocobella Kids Coconut Water

    And the most important opinion, being the kids?  They have loved having these in the house!  They get 10 out of 10 from the kids.  I will buy these again for the kids, and I think they would be great for kids parties too.  I really do like having this option available, and I’m sure the kids do to – because I wont buy straight juice for them and this is the only way they will get ‘juice boxes’!!  And yes, to any family members reading this, I am well aware that I have now become my mother!!  Hehehehe.  

    Tell me – do you buy juice for your kids?  Do they like coconut water?  

    If you want further information about the Cocobella Kids range, you can check out their website here www.cocobellakids.com.au or search #cocobellakids on your favourite social media site.  Cocobella Kids is available in 200ml Tetra-Pak (BPA free) and in two yummy fruit flavours (apple berry breeze, tropical island) Cocobella Kids retails for $3.49 per 3-pack in Woolworths supermarkets nationally.  

    Cocobella Kids Brand Comparison


  • Crispy Salty Roast Chicken

    A Sunday (or Tuesday) Roast Chook

    Today I thought I’d share my go-to, hardly ever fails Crispy Roast Chicken.  It’s salty, crispy and easy.  And we have it once a week – usually on a Tuesday, because that’s the day our Aussie Farmers vegetable delivery is made, so we have fresh potatoes and greens to have with it.
    Crispy Salty Roast Chicken We also use the Bannockburn Free Range chicken from Aussie Farmers.  It’s just the right size for our family of four, and will usually feed four adults easily.  

    During the week I generally serve this up with simple steamed broccoli and zucchini, maybe cauliflower if we have it.  And some crunchy roasted potatoes.  Yum.  

     This is seriously easy, and makes me feel I’ve won in the nutrition department because the kids will usually eat some of the veggies and all of the potatoes and chicken.  

    Crispy Salty Roast Chicken

    If I remember correctly, I adapted this from a Nigella Lawson recipe.  I’m sure hers looked a lot more gourmet, but this is so tasty anyway.  One thing – monitor how much salt you use!  I have been a bit heavy handed on occasion and it can be a bit overpowering!

    I would love to know what your easy go to recipe is, especially one that you know the kids will always eat. Please share the inspiration!





    Crispy Salty Roast Chicken
    Serves 4
    Easy, delicious roast chook, even the kidlets will eat!
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    Prep Time
    10 min
    Cook Time
    1 hr 30 min
    Total Time
    1 hr 40 min
    Prep Time
    10 min
    Cook Time
    1 hr 30 min
    Total Time
    1 hr 40 min
    1. Free Range Chicken
    2. Coconut Oil (you can use butter also)
    3. Salt
    4. Half a lemon or half an onion
    5. Rosemary - optional
    1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius
    2. Line baking tray with grease proof paper
    3. Place half a lemon (or onion) inside the cavity
    4. Now the fun part! Take a good handful of coconut butter and place some under the skin, along the breast. Smear the rest all over the chook. This can be tricky with coconut butter, as it will solidify if the chicken is cold.
    5. Now take about a dessertspoon of salt, and massage it well into the coconut butter - all over that chook.
    6. Whack it in the oven - Mine usually takes an hour and a half - depends on the size of the chicken and your oven. Keep a close eye on it, especially after an hour.
    7. Once cooked, take it out and let it rest well before carving.
    8. Serve with steamed greens and crunchy roast potatoes!
    1. If you like, place sprigs of rosemary in the pan, and on top - depends how much you like rosemary really.
    2. This should serve 4-6.
    Tully & Mishka http://tullyandmishka.com.au/
  • Thermochef Thermomix
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    So you’ve all seen them by now, haven’t you?  The Thermomix?  They seem to be all over the interwebs at the moment.  Man, I wanted one!  A super duper machine for the kitchen that cooks, blends, chops, mills, grinds etc etc etc.  Super fast cooking, transformative cooking!  All that jazz.  One problem – the just under $2,000 price tag.  Yup, you read that right.  So I read loads of information.  Blogs, forums, all kinds of sites.  I discovered lots of love for the TM and several cheaper alternatives.  Many that did not get good reviews.  So I arranged a demonstration – to purchase a TM in Australia, you have to host/attend a demonstration.  No probs, they cook about six dishes over the couple of hours to show the cool things it can do.  Now I was a bit hesitant to arrange one, because I knew there was no way I was going to be able to purchase any time soon, but they were lovely people who seem to completely understand that its a big purchase and not many people attend a demo and buy straight away.

    Thermochef Thermomix
    Thermochef vs Thermomix

    So the demonstration did not make me want one less!  And The Mister was impressed, however he just could not see how the TM was so much more expensive than the nearest rival, the ThermoChef that is around $700-800 retail.   Both have a two year warranty.  I was convinced though, and kept calculating and re-calculating how long it would take to save the money.  I even considered becoming a consultant!  TM offers an opportunity for people to earn their machine through becoming a consultant and selling a certain amount of machines in a time period.  I’m really not the party plan type!  I get far to anxious/embarrassed.  However in the end I decided against it mainly because I thought I would really need to have used the machine for a while before I would feel comfortable trying to sell it.

    The machine appeals to me because it makes things easier.  And quicker.  And I am slowly attempting to introduce our little family to a healthier diet, richer in whole foods, less preservatives and less sugar.

    So I did some more research – there are A LOT of blogs and websites out there dedicated to the TM – and some have really good comparisons between the different thermo machines out there.  In the end, I decided to purchase the somewhat cheaper ThermoChef.  I found a good deal and purchased just before Christmas last year.  I was very excited.  It arrived promptly, especially considering it was Christmas time.  However, irritation was to follow!  It didn’t work.  Straight out of the box, it didn’t work.  Newwave, the company that distributes the TC, provided excellent customer service.  They responded promptly – on Boxing Day and arranged for a courier to collect it once the factory had returned to work after the break.  Despite the excellent customer service, what followed was approximately five weeks of frustration, irritation and concern that I had made the wrong choice.  A lot of this was, to be fair to Newwave, caused by the courier companies – they didn’t turn up, twice, then they came a week after being cancelled and then they lost my item when it was being returned!  Also Newwave sent my repaired unit to someone else in the midst of all this.  After I made it clear I was over the whole situation and ready to request a refund, Newwave arranged for my brand new unit, plus extra cook books to be hand delivered by one of their team.  Phew!

    ThermoChef, Thermomix

    Since it has been here, it has been great.  No concerns, and I’ve used it on average three times a day nearly every day.  I think in the short time we’ve had it, our meals have become less boring (I’m cooking outside the square!) and less stressful.  Well, dinner preparation with two toddlers under three is always going to have some stress!!!!!

    Thermochef, Thermomix
    Vegetable Stock Concentrate. Quick and easy in the Thermochef.

    I would love to hear your ThermoLovin’ stories!  Anyone purchased a ThermoChef?  A Thermomix?  What’s the biggest change your ‘thermo’ has made in your kitchen?

    Thermochef cashew coconut chia porridge. Thermomix suitable.
    Cashew, coconut and chia porridge, whipped up easily. Yum!



  • Coconut

    Delicious Coconut. Or, Jumping on the Bandwagon! ;)

    Erm, who knew coconut could taste so good?!  Not me.  I thought I didn’t really like coconut.  I remember gnawing on hard pieces from the coconuts that my parents occasionally bought home, but I think the attraction was really in the process of breaking into it in the first place!  

    photo: Horia Varlan

    Any other experiences with coconut have mainly been the good old desiccated form, sprinkled on cakes and slices.  Although I do recall slices of banana rolled in desiccated coconut and served by my mum with her homemade curry.  Perhaps I’m making that up?!

    If you happen to follow Tully & Mishka on Instagram, you’ll have no doubt seen some posts that demonstrate my growing fondness for the humble little coconut.  I was seeing posts and photos all over the interweb, with people singing it’s praises.  And when I read Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar*, there was a lot of delicious sounding recipes and some information about it’s health benefits included.  So I decided to see what the fuss was all about.

    Loving Earth Coconut Butter Organic

    Now I have no qualifications when it comes to health/nutrition, and I know that some people feel that both coconut and quitting sugar is the latest fad that people are on.  So all I will say is do your own reading on both subjects and see what you think.  A lot of the information rang true for me, and I have decided to incorporate some of the priniciples into our family menu.

    And besides, coconut butter is delicious!  I use the Loving Earth variety, which you can buy here.* I’ve tried a few different recipes so far and really enjoyed them, and making my own adjustments to them.  I’ll post some of these soon.  

    But I’d like to know – do you use coconut?  Does it all seem just a fad to you?  Let me know what you think!

    * This post contains affiliate links.  If you click through and purchase, I’ll receive a percentage of the sales.  

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    Recipe: Drop Scones

    Photo 25-06-12 12 02 16 PM

    Did you eat drop scones when you were growing up?  Or did you call them pikelets?  They were always drop scones in our house, although when I called them that my Mister had no idea what I was talking about! We love them here, especially the Little Miss and they are so easy and cheap to make.  And you can do so many variations!  Here is the recipe that I am loving at the moment – it’s taken from “The Margaret Fulton Cookbook” and makes fluffy yummy drop scones:

    “The Margaret Fulton Cookbook”
    Revised and Updated 2004

    1 cup S.R flour
    a pinch salt
    2 tablespoons of sugar
    1/4 teaspoon of bicarb soda
    1 egg
    1/2 cup each of buttermilk and milk or all milk with 1 teaspoon of vinegar added ( I do the latter – I never have buttermilk!)
    2 tablespoons of melted butter
    extra butter for frying

    Now, sift all the dry ingredients together.  In a separate bowl, beat the egg with the milk and the melted butter.  Then stir all together – ideally, make a well and draw all the ingredients together slowly.

    Place spoonfuls onto a hot, greased heavy based fry pan, turning when bubbly on top.  Serve with butter and golden syrup, or with jam, or with maple syrup or whatever takes your fancy!  Best when still warm and with a cup tea or coffee. Yum!  What’s your toddler’s favourite food to snack on?

    {Recipe posted with permission}