• Last Minute School Holiday Activities by Tully & Mishka
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    Last Minute School Holiday Activities

    Last Minute School Holiday Activities by Tully & MishkaWe’ve hit the second week of the school holidays in Victoria and it got me wondering; are you looking (frantically) for things to do with the kids?  Have you run out of ideas, or did you not realise just how awesome the weather was going to be here this week?  Well never fear, I’ve got your back with a list of of last minute school holiday activities that cover the gamut of free to not so free, DIY to out and about.  

    The AFL Footy Festival

    With the Grand Final happening this Saturday, the AFL are putting on a Footy Festival, starting Wednesday and going through to Saturday.  It’s free entry and there is a heap of things to do there.  The kids zone includes Aus Kick activities, kicking competitions, free face painting (winner!) and a whole lot more.  There is also a section where parents can get free coffee, snacks and mini massages whilst the kids are participating in some Auskick.  Sweet!  Check out the site – the trams are free from Wednesday through to Saturday and service the area of the Footy Festival, which is Yarra Park, right next to the mighty MCG.  

    Last Minute School Holiday Activities AFL Footy Festival

    The NGV

    The Gallery has a range of activities and exhibitions on for the school holidays for under 4’s to teenagers.  Some activities/exhibitions are free, some have entry and booking requirements.  I am planning on taking the kids to the Open House Tromarama For Kids exhibition.  It’s free and located at the NGV International.  It’s interactive, and is set up like a real house, allowing kids to move from room to room, experimenting with stop-motion apps and making films.  It looks cool!  I know a few kids who would just love it.  

    Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery

    Have you been here yet? Have you?!  If you don’t mind a bit of chocolate, you should probably check it out.   The chocolaterie is well set up for kids, with space to run the sugar high off outside, and kid friendly menus (of course) and activities.  It’s in a beautiful spot in the Yarra Valley, an hour from Melbourne.  There is no entry fee, and free tastings, but the fun comes in the cafe and the store, where all sorts of chocolatey goodies can be purchased.  Currently, they are hosting Hop For Hope, an outdoor exhibition raising funds for the wonderful Alannah and Madeline Foundation.  Check out their website for more information, including classes, menus and activities.  

    DIY Fun

    I’ve perused Pinterest for you (no need to thank me, I’ll take one for the team), and found a couple of cool things that we will be trying over the next week.  Check out this easy volcano eruption you can do in the back yard, and will have the younger kids entertained, no doubt for hours.  

    via Preschool Inspirations - easy volcano
    Image via Preschool Inspirations

    Another fun activity, for the backyard or around the neighbourhood park is this scavenger hunt for kids.  The post includes free printables!  Awesome.  And timely, given Ms 4 burst in this afternoon after talking to the kids over the back fence asking for a treasure hunt.  

    Scavenger Hunt via No Wooden Spoons
    Via No Wooden Spoons

    So what do you think?  Will you try any of these or are you all sorted for activities?  If you have some ideas, share them here, or over on facebook for everyone to enjoy ūüôā

  • DIY library book shelves
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    DIY Reading Corner for Ms 2.

    DIY library book shelves So we all love Pinterest, right?  Well, here is a little DIY project we recently completed, inspired by Pinterest.  And when I say we completed, I mean I had the idea, I pinned some inspiration and sourced the products and the Mister actually did the DIY part.  With the help of Ms 2.

    I’ve been wanting to set up a reading corner for her for some time. ¬†With her resisting the big bed though, her room has been rather crowded with the cot in there as well. ¬†However, we’ve had a win in that department and the cot is gone – hurrah! ¬†So now we had space to do a bit more. ¬†When she was born, we were gifted with a beautiful vintage, child size armchair. ¬†It was given to us by my mother’s cousin, and it was her chair when she was a small child. ¬†It is gorgeous and perfect for a reading nook. ¬†So I knew I wanted that in the corner and then saw some super simple book shelf ideas on Pinterest. ¬†Ikea spice racks. ¬†Awesome. ¬†Simple. ¬†And cheap! ¬†$2.99 each, and are solid untreated wood. ¬†So you can go ahead and paint/stain them any colour you want!

    DIY toddler reading corner

    We used a good old spray paint Рa lovely bright yellow.  The Mister applied two coats and attached them to the wall.  Apparently, we need to use some different wall mounts, in case too much weight is placed on them (ie our 8 month old pulling the) so we are going to change those asap, but otherwise, it turned out just as I had wanted!


    DIY Library book shelves toddler vintage chair


    The first night, Ms 2 spent quite some time rearranging the books on the shelves and also decided that it meant we were going to read ALL of the books on the shelves at bedtime.  Ahhh, no.

    I have also spied her sitting on the chair and reading a book to her dolly – melt! ¬†So there you go, a simple, quick and cheap little DIY project that actually worked. ¬†Love Pinterest! ¬†Are you on Pinterest? ¬†Have you completed any projects or recipes that you have pinned? ¬†Or do you just love to pin and dream?! ¬†Leave your pinterest profile in the comments, and I’ll follow you!

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    Sustainable or crazy? Why we use cloth nappies.

    Modern Cloth Nappies
    Modern Cloth Nappies

    This is the first post in a planned series on cloth nappies. ¬†We decided early on that we would use cloth nappies as much as possible.¬† For both the long term cost factor and the environmental factors. ¬†What we didn’t know was just how many options there are now!¬† Modern Cloth Nappies or MCNs as they are referred to come in different sizes, shapes, materials and prices.¬† And there are so many retailers and manufacturers.¬† Many are work at home mums or mums that have turned their nappy obsession into successful businesses.¬† It’s quite amazing really.

    I read reviews and trawled through site after site.¬† I didn’t know anyone who had used MCNs and so didn’t have any ‘real life’ feedback available.¬† In the end, we took a punt on the Baby Beehinds¬†hemp one size fits all model.¬† Mainly because they were having an awesome run out sale!¬† So they were a good price.¬† These nappies are supposed to fit from birth to toilet training and they need covers. ¬†We have also used itti bitti. ¬†So far they have worked pretty well and I’m amazed to say that we use them full time and only use disposables when we have gone away for more than one night, or when something has happened like me hurting my back and not being able to move! ¬†Getting nappies in and out of the washing machine when you can’t move ain’t easy…

    Modern Cloth Nappies

    Recently, we went through a period where we used more disposables – my toddler had gastro and we had a newborn who didn’t quite fit into the nappies straight away. ¬†This period reinforced for us the decision to use cloth nappies. ¬†I truly hate throwing bags of used nappies into the bin! ¬†And spending that money on a packet of nappies! ¬†Urgh. ¬†It can be tricky with two in nappies and living in Melbourne to get them dry in time, but really, I just need to work on being more organised with the washing!!

    How about you?  I would love to hear from others who have used MCNs or who are planning on it.  If you do use them, what was the main factor behind your decision?