Keeping it Fresh – Airwick Review & Giveaway!

Airwick Home Fragrances Giveaway

How’s your house smelling lately? It’s the end of winter, the kids have been cooped up for the last few months and you’ve got a dog, a cat and you use cloth nappies.  Oh, wait, is that just us?!  Thankfully, it’s spring now in Melbourne, and the sun is starting to hang around a bit more and the kids are able to get on outside.  And the nappies and the washing can actually go outside on the line – woo!!!  Because let me tell you, sometimes I come back to the house after being out somewhere and I think – does the house really smell like that?!  Now, I’ve got a pretty sensitive nose to scent, good and bad.  But man, sometimes I really hope noone drops in unannounced.  That pervasive smell of damp clothes drying over the heat vent (constantly!), a nappy bucket, that is emptied regularly but still, and litter tray sometimes just becomes a little too noticeable.  

So when I was offered the chance to review and giveaway some new home fragrance products from Airwick,  my first thought was, how did she know and secondly, yes, dear lord yes!  And there is a giveaway for you my lovely readers!  Sweet.  

Airwick Giveaway on Tully and Mishka

The little package of goodies that I got to review and you will have a chance to win includes products from Airwick’s new Life Scents Collection – scented candle, plugins and room spray.  Now, we don’t often use plug in air fresheners, and at first I thought it was going to be too strong, and maybe irritate the Mister’s hay fever.  However, I’ve had it going in the laundry, on the low setting and it’s lovely.  And now, when I’ve been out of the house, when I return the smell is much nicer!  We’ve liked the Winter Moments scent, and I really like the Mystical Garden room spray.  It’s quite lovely.  Click through the link to read a little more about this new collection, and the different scents they have.  There’ll be one you like for sure!  

Airwick Life Scents Giveaway


So, to enter the giveaway, I want to hear from you!  Fill in the options below, and comment on this blog post:  What is your favourite scent and why? It could be anything – food, perfume, flowers etc.  Good luck with the giveaway, and please remember – sharing is caring!  Let your friends know too.  

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  • Brooke

    Myrrh as it reminds me of long days by the beach in Byron Bay.

  • spog777

    Love magnolias on a balmy summer evening

  • Jennifer B.

    I love SANDALWOOD. Not cloyingly sweet but mystical – and effective in covering dog smells!

  • Karina Lee

    I love the smell of sour blood orange. It’s so refreshing.

  • Maria Stringer

    Love the smell of freshly baked bread, it makes me think of a warm, happy place to be with family

  • Karla Oleinikoff

    Vanilla, it always reminds me of the cakes mum used to make. Coming home from school to the smell of freshly made cake was magic.

  • We are in an old house at the moment, waiting for our house to sell so we can build. The smells, especially after it rains are damp and depressing so any smell that is fresh seems to tickle my fancy at the moment.

  • Ying Ying TAN

    I love tropical scents like pineapple and coconut/lime, it reminds me of blissful memories of my home country =)

  • Eva Kiraly

    I love a few different scents like the scent of rain just before it rains, Musk and Vanilla and Lavender, they’re all different and I love each one!

  • oldfellow

    Lemon, I love the smell especially when its being used for cleaning, it means to me a lot as my mother used to use fresh lemons for her cleaning when I was young

  • Julia Mason

    I love the scent of Vanilla! It’s just so creamy and dreamy, and it makes me so happy and relaxed!!

  • Ohh I love the scent of fresh flowers and freshly baked cakes. (This makes me sound like a domestic goddess but I am certainly not!) Great giveaway and all mums need something like this!

  • Terri Todd

    Depends on my mood, to relax I love Lavender, other times I love Vanilla or Citrus

  • Wendy Sutcliffe

    I love lavender, my Mum loved Lavender so it reminds me of home, being safe and happy.

  • natasha

    Thanks for this post – I love the life scent (baked pear, pie crust & vanilla) so I will be sure to try the new range!!

    • Thanks for commenting Natasha! I’m sure airwick love to hear what is popular and working!

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