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HomeHello Giveaway

Right then people, it’s giveaway time!  In fact, it’s a HomeHello House Cleaning giveaway!  Now, I don’t know about you, but I often dream of the time when I might be able to pay for someone to clean the house.  Oh, to not have to clean the bathroom.  That would be so awesome!

So when the good people at HomeHello contacted me to offer one of my readers a three hour house cleaning voucher, how could I say no?!  Have you heard of them?  They are Melbourne and Sydney metro based and have an awesome website where you can easily book and pay for their services.  The website lets you specify how many rooms you need done, extra cleaning required, and dates and times.  It also estimates how many hours you would require, depending on what you need done.  Too easy!  

I know several friends who have started employing a house cleaner, and man, has it made things run smoother for them.  It helps them in terms of the house being clean, obvisously, but also takes away some of that stress the housework can cause.  You know, between you and your partner, the kids, the pets……  And gives them more time to do other stuff that needs doing.  

So if you have been considering a cleaner, this could be your chance to try it out – three hours free!!  Like I said, they’re Melbourne and Sydney metro based, so unfortunately if you are outside that area, the prize can’t be used.  But refer some friends!  They might win and buy you a bottle of wine if they do!!*

It’s easy – simply fill in the rafflecopter form below AND don’t forget to leave a blog post comment HERE.  On this page.  That is the only mandatory thing.  Comment telling us the messiest thing you’ve had to clean up in your house and The Mister will choose the one that he likes best (I will remove identifying info and then let him see the answers).

*Please note, I have no control over your friends.  They may not buy you a bottle of wine for referring them to this giveaway.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Sarah McG

    Blog post comment? Messiest thing I’ve cleaned up would be my own projectile vomit. 4 Mths pregnant. Ensuite was occupied. I made it to the doorway of the WC at the other end of the house only to get the walls and doors and floor of the passageway. Cleaned it all up in time to finally gain access to the ensuite, showered, then headed away on holidays.

  • manda

    I hate cleaning up mud.

  • Jackie

    About a year ago, my dog ran through the house and dragged the table cloth with her. Down came bowls of chips and worst of all the BIRTHDAY CAKE! the chocolate mudcake still has remnants in the roots of our carpet. RIP Cake.

  • Irene

    My dog has this 1 spot that he always goes to to pee when he is too lazy to go outside – it’s a pain in the a** cleaning it up usually about once a week. Damn cold Melbourne weather – he’s probably too cold to go outside!

  • The messiest ever was when my now nearly 13 year old was 2- she opened the fridge and got out a container of beetroot in my Mum’s white kitchen. Then went to the cupboard and took out a container of flour. She made a paste and decorated the cupboard- inside and out. All in the few minutes it took me to pee. It was a vermilion scene from a horror movie.

  • This is such an amazing giveaway – every parent’s dream! Who wants to really scrub bathroom – like really? The messiest thing has to be the terrible helicopter vomit. So gross on so many levels!

  • Kaz @ MeltingMoments

    What a great idea!


    Hmmm – I think this would be a tie between the dozen eggs used as target practice against the fridge (yes – all 12 before I ran in to see the last smash and fall onto the gooey mess on the floor) or the ENTIRE can of shaving cream used to cover my 2 yr old (imagine Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters). Both a nightmare to clean up!!

  • Dianne Childs

    Awesome giveaway! Wish I lived in Sydney or Melbourne. Good luck to all ­čÖé

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  • Grace

    We have a lovely lady come over once a week to help us out. She is a God send! Great giveaway!

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