Guess Who’s Making a Delivery?

That’s right, this guy will be visiting at the end of the year:

Vintage Stork via  The Graphics Fairy

We are very excited here, although our Little Miss, who is 14 months old, is quite oblivious to the fuss! We are also very thankful that this has happened when we wanted it to, knowing so many people who have had to travel a hard road with their pregnancies.

So I’m about 15 weeks along, and finally starting to feel more like me again! With my first pregnancy, nausea was nearly non-existent. Not this time. I had quite a few weeks of it, but thankfully it’s gone now and my energy is coming back. Thank goodness! I was getting sick of feeling tired and feeling guilty that I wasn’t paying enough attention to my little one. Luckily, she LOVES books at the moment so we have been reading a lot (over and over!). She has also found her legs, and seems to love toddling around and getting into what ever she can.

The new bub and our Little Miss will be about 20 months apart in age. There are so many different ideas out there about ‘the best’ age gap to have between babies. But in reality, you have to go with what suits your family. There are pros and cons in waiting or going ahead earlier I think. A con for us – two in nappies!!

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I’d be interested in hearing about your experiences in your second (or subsequent!) pregnancies and how any hot tips for entertaining small toddlers along the way!
  • Exciting! Congratulations! I found my second pregnancy much more tiring, but probably because I didn't have all my spare time to myself. Hot tips for entertaining toddlers…hmm. Unfortunately mine became very reliant on ABC for kids from about 3pm onwards as I would just hit the wall and crash out on the couch! All good now, my eldest is 3 1/2 and youngest is 14 months and now they are playing together and having fun!

    • Thanks Roslyn! Yes, I think the tiredness is related to not having the same time to rest! I must admit ABC Kids is starting to have an appearance, but she is still young enough to be having two sleeps and fingers crossed that continues for a while!

  • wow congrats!!!!! Are you due around Xmas then? I have two Xmas babies and it's such a fun time!!!

    • Thank you! I'm due at the start of Jan – we thought it was going to be Boxing Day at first! Then they moved the date out a bit – my birthday is the end of December, so it's going to be busy times for us in the future!

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