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Still here - blogging again

Still here

Well hello there!  *Sheepish wave*  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  It seems I have taken an unintended, rather extended break from …

Walk For Prems 2015 - Melbourne

Walk For Prems 2015

Last week, our little family, The Mister, Ms 4 , Mr 2 and myself, participated in the 2015 Walk For Prems.  It …

Adam Goodes

Adam Goodes, racism and why it matters to me

Anyone who lives in Australia can’t help but be aware of the commentary this week surrounding AFL player Adam Goodes and racism. …

Mark Latham's out of date views on women and domestic violence are wrong.

Mark Latham: damaging & wrong on domestic violence

Recently you may have seen that Mark Latham decided to write down his opinion on Rosie Batty, domestic violence and how things …

Cpr Challenge

CPR Challenge – Saving a child’s life.

Did you know, that in Australia each year 260 children die and 58,000 children are hospitalized from accidental injuries?   These are …

The Nappy Collective #DVForum Domestic Violence

Challenging our own backyard: A Conversation about Domestic Violence

By the end of February this year, 14 women had been murdered in “domestic violence incidents”.  There have been more since.  That’s …

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