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Airwick Home Fragrances Giveaway

Keeping it Fresh – Airwick Review & Giveaway!

How’s your house smelling lately? It’s the end of winter, the kids have been cooped up for the last few months and …

HomeHello Giveaway

HomeHello House Cleaning Giveaway!

This giveaway is bought to you by HomeHello.   *THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED – THE WINNER IS AMY A!  CONGRATULATIONS, AN …

Music Books and Hand Wash

Music, Books & Hand Wash – small things change

This post was bought to you by Dettol. Before you have kids, you ‘know’ things will change.  Work, money, some household roles. …

Thermochef cooking | Thermomix

Thermochef Cooking

Last weekend, I got my Thermochef cooking up a storm.  It was lovely weather mostly, so The Mister was able to keep …

washing your modern cloth nappies

Washing your Modern Cloth Nappies

I’ve written before about why we chose to use modern cloth nappies with our babies.  I thought I would write a little …

Thermochef Thermomix


So you’ve all seen them by now, haven’t you?  The Thermomix?  They seem to be all over the interwebs at the moment. …

DIY library book shelves

DIY Reading Corner for Ms 2.

So we all love Pinterest, right?  Well, here is a little DIY project we recently completed, inspired by Pinterest.  And when I …

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