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    To Name or not to Name?

    Kids safety on the internet.  Something I have been thinking about, pretty much since I started the blog, is whether or not to post photos of the kids, and to use their names.  So far I have chosen not to.  On my personal FB and Instagram pages I do, but here on the blog I have generally used photos that don’t show their faces, and referred to them as the Little Miss and the Little Mister.  But is this thinking sensible caution or just a touch paranoid?  Most of my favourite bloggers identify their kids either with their names or photos or both.  And these are successful bloggers, with loads of people clearly knowing who they are.

    I come from a professional background that no doubt contributes to my caution (ten plus years in child protection and working with vulnerable/at risk families).  I’ve done a bit of reading around the web, and of course, found conflicting ideas on the subject.  Some people feel that the children should be old enough to agree/disagree with their photos being posted.  Some feel that there is a risk of predators accessing and misusing the images.  Some have even suggested that in the future, other kids could use the images in cyber-bullying – particularly if they are embarrassing photos.  I found this article and this one to be interesting reads on the topic.

    I have to say I’m still undecided.  It’s cumbersome, referring to the kids as the Little Miss and the Little Mister.  And sometimes, I really want to share photos with you!  Like here.  Perhaps I’ll share the occasional photo and think on how to refer to them without too much identifying information.

    What do you do? What do you think?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

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    Bloglovin Love

    Google reader is ending soon!  To be honest, I’m not all that up to date with google reader, but a lot of people seem concerned about this and how they will follow the blogs they love.  Never fear, Bloglovin is picking up the slack!  You can follow Tully & Mishka through Bloglovin.  Just click on through via the image on the sidebar.  It’s easy!

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    Baby Blogger

    baby bloggerI’m writing this post with a four month old sitting on my lap.  Literally.  It’s a slow process.  I had been working on a different post about cloth nappies, but between the Little Mister deciding that sleep is not cool, and the two year old Little Miss deciding the same, focusing on that was a little hard.  All I could think about was the question ‘how do I find time to (insert any activity here!!) with two little ones?’  I’m sure it’s a question all parents are inevitably smacked over the head with.

    I have no answers at this point!  But I am making an effort to be organised, and to try and work out how to set some time aside for me.  It’s not easy – there is always ‘something’ that needs to be done.  And a baby to be cuddled.  The baby cuddling must always come first though.

    So here is a question for you – how do you find time for you, for the things you want (or need!) to get done with little ones around?  I’d love any tips or ideas!!

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    Just do it

    Jump right in...
    Jump right in…

    I’ve been working on the blog slowly over the past few months – new hosting, new design, fresh new Tully & Mishka.  And I’ve realised I’ve been delaying launching.  I’ve had many ‘reasons’ to delay  – some have been good, like having my second baby at the start of January (a little boy, who is just divine).  But most have actually been completely bogus – the laptop is not working well, the office is out of control, I’m tired, etc.  The real reason is fear. Obviously.  Fear of failing.  The fear that no one will read my little blog.  That I’m not ‘good enough’ or interesting enough.  And then I saw this quote over at The Organised Housewife:

    “Start before you’re ready” Marie Forleo.

    Clearly meant just for me.  And so here I go.  The blog is not yet ‘perfect’ – I want to change some colours and layout but if I don’t start now, I fear I won’t start at all.  I have so many ideas for the blog, and I feel really excited when I think about them.  So I know it is important that I do this.  Given this you can expect to see some changes and watch the blog evolve a little as we go, and I figure that is fine, given I want to write about the ways in which I change and evolve now that I am a mother.  Fitting really.

    So I hope you’ll come along for the ride and find something to interest you, make you laugh or even help you out.  Off we go!

    photo by: gwilmore
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    My First Guest Review

    I’ve been published on another site!  Yes, I’ve written a guest review for the great site, Little Eats. I’m very excited, this is the first time I’ve submitted anything to another site.  It’s a review of a great cafe in the Yarra Ranges – jump over and check it out: Baby Let’s Cruz Review

    WM pic for cafe review

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    A Photo A Day

    I stumbled across a cool challenge late last month – a photo a day. It was an idea by Chantelle over at Fat Mum Slim

    She has put together a list of ideas, one for each day of the month, with the idea being it inspires a photo. You then upload the photo to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or anywhere else. You also add the #tag that matches, ie #marchphotoaday.

    These are some that I have taken – I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of trying to think creatively each day.

    Has anyone else been participating? I’m looking forward to April’s challenge. Pop over to Fat Mum Slim to join in.
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    Always Learning!

    So posting twice a week seems to have been optimistic! I have been doing lots of blog reading, trying to get some tips and one of the most pertinent at this time (to me) was to not be too strict on the number of posts to make. Quality over quantity I guess!

    So I will qualify the goals of my previous post and say I will aim to post as often as possible, rather than a set amount per week. I want to improve myself and have fun, not feel anxious that I am failing at something!!

    I have been plotting and planning some posts, including some relating to the nursery we put together and about tackling my very disorganised kitchen and sewing room.

    How about you out there? Anyone else had to review their goals or plans in order to make them a bit more feasible?